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2020 Competition


Entry Details

ManneqART, Inc. is a registered US 501c3 arts and education Non-Profit Organization. To submit an entry, include your registration fee and all required materials by April 28th–the early bird deadline or by May 28th–the final deadline ($50 regular/$35 student). Your registration entitles you to one copy of the Annual ManneqART photo publication and gives you access to all photos taken of artwork. Submission fees cannot be refunded. A single submission fee covers only one submission (a single piece of artwork). Multiple submissions per artist or team need to be filed separately.

Any winnings received will be entrusted to the primary artist named on the application form(s). ManneqART is not responsible for allocating monetary or in-kind awards to multiple artists working on the same section of the Competition.


Lumiere & Fire Leaves 

ARTISTS Pat Gagliano & Rebecca Banet

MODEL Morgan Kerns

Copper changes color with the application of heat. Theses two artists who had never met each other put their work together for the photograph on this model. Both artists used blow torched metal and the sculptural quality of copper.



Majestic Blackbird

ARTISTS Patti Euler

MODEL Marisa Stickland

This powerful statement seen up close has words of encouragement to women in challenging situations. Patti is an artist who challenges and facilitates other artists with her classes at her studio, "The Queen's Ink" at Historic Savage Mill in Savage, Maryland.

Artists can apply to ManneqART online or on paper. Remember, we are here to assist you! Contact us if you would like to discuss any questions or concerns.                                                                        

Call us at (301) 778-0616, or email   Our fax number is (301) 725-0155

Step 1

  Complete Your Application Online

  OR download and complete an application form



Step 2

 Document your work and prepare your files

Follow the Documentation and File Formatting requirements as outlined in our General Rules to photograph your work.


Step 3

 Send ManneqART your Application

Application deadline dates and entry fees:

Early Bird Application Deadline ends April 28th—Fee is $ 20 for students, $35 for all others.

After April 28th, Application Fee is $35 for students, $50 for all others.


Standard Application and Payment Deadline is May 28th.

Final Deadline for us to receive your finish artworks is May 28th. *Send photos of progress


For Online Applications:

  • Attach your application (.pdf file) and your high resolution images in an email. Make sure to label each email with your name and title of work.

  • Email your application and images to


Note: If your images are too large to fit in one email, they can be sent in additional emails. Alternatively, you can send your images as links from an image hosting service. (google docs).

For Print Applications:

  • You are welcome to mail us your application materials in a package. Applications mailed to ManneqART must be postmarked by the application deadline date.

  • High resolution images of your artwork must be included on a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive. Make sure to label the CD, DVD, or USB flash drive with your name and title(s) of your work.

  • You may include a check to pay your entry fee(s) – see below. Alternatively, you can pay with a credit card (online) and mail us your application and images.

  • Mail your application, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive and payment to: ManneqART, 9010 Maier Rd. Unit 104, Laurel, MD 20723


Step 4

 Pay your application fee down below


The 2020 ManneqART Competition is for Sculptural Artworks. The artworks will be unveiled to the public on live models fully made up and professionally photographed at our July 12th public event. The photos will be used in the 2020 Photo Publication and will be made available at the website for all participants to use (with credit to ManneqART).

For Online Applications:

Visit the ManneqART Shop and pay the application fee that corresponds with the date you are applying. Remember to mark the quantity you are purchasing – each submission requires its own entry fee.

For Print Applications:

You can pay by check* (included with your application) or by visiting the ManneqART Shop. Remember to mark the quantity you are purchasing. Each submission requires its own entry fee.

*Please make checks payable to ManneqART.

After submitting your application form, you will receive the latest news and information about the ManneqArt Competition via email.

ManneqArt is committed to supporting the arts and promoting artists.

We value your privacy. ManneqArt does not share contact information with third parties. You can opt out of ManneqArt email updates anytime.

Once you have applied, check the Artists’ Itinerary for an outlined timetable of project requisites leading up to the Competition. Make sure to review the Competition Rules and Tips for some helpful suggestions.


Then… get started on your Artwork! We can’t wait to see what you create!


Vortex Rider

ARTISTS Stacy Lund Levy

MODEL Megan Levy

This amazing artwork is the winner of the ManneqART Masters Award for 2017. The Wings are raised and lowered by the pilot who shows the effort of flying in a steam punk era with smokey rings around her flying goggles. Maps of the world cover her wooden aviator structure. 

Glacius Angelies

ARTISTS Maddy Halbach & Lynne Spector

MODEL Lynne Spector

The ship Titanic has struck an iceberg and cracked in half. Bodies formed by a 3D printer fall from the ship. The iceberg skirt with a reflective glacial appearance is created from foam and clear plastic. The bodice is embedded with broken Christmas ornaments. The wings close to form the surface of the iceberg above the ocean, and open to lift the souls of the dead to heaven. This piece is the winner of the Inner Light Award presented by Sandy Spring Museum.

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