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2018 ManneqART® Competition Application Form

  • Please fill out one form for each artwork you are submitting
  • If multiple people are working on a single artwork, only fill out one form. (one entry fee)
  • If you are submitting more than one artwork, you must fill out a new form for each piece. (multiple entry fees)

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Artwork Description

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Theme(s) (See explanation in Rules section) LoveFantasyMetroMechanicsI am also entering the bra competitionI am ONLY entering the bra competition
Who will be working on your artwork? Just yourself? Please list below.
Artist Statement - Please describe the inspiration for your artwork and artistic process in general, and give specific details about your ManneqART® submittal. Include materials, adhesives, structures and any unique processes used.

Entry Portfolio

See Documentation and File Formatting requirements specified on the ManneqART® website’s General Rules page to photograph your work. JPG file types only. Maximum upload limit is 4MB per file.

JPG file types only. Maximum upload limit is 4MB per file.

Rules, Terms and Conditions, Agreement

Before submitting your application to ManneqART®, please review the following:

The ManneqART® Competition Rules

The ManneqART® Competition Terms & Conditions

By checking this box you are electronically signing and submitting your application to ManneqART®, you verify that you have read and agree to the ManneqART Competition Rules and Terms & Conditions.

Next Steps

Applicants must pay an entry fee for each entry submitted to the ManneqART® Competition. Registration fee includes one free copy of annual ManneqART Calendar.

Note:  To participate, payment must be made on line at or by check made out to ManneqART® and mailed to ManneqART by the Application deadline.

 Mail to:  ManneqART Inc. ® / 9010 Maier Rd. Unit 104 Laurel, MD 20723 (USA)

March 31 – Early Bird deadline for application and payment

$35 (Student $20)

April 30 – Photos of artwork-in-progress due

May 15 – Final deadline for application and payment

$50 (Student $35)

June 1 – Finished artwork due to ManneqART