ManneqART is a United States, International Revenue Services approved 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to inspire creativity, teach problem-solving skills and reward excellence in the creation of sculpture on the human form.

ManneqART does this through offering workshops to artists of all skill level and ages that empower attendees to express their creativity in a variety of ways that are comfortable for them. An annual themed competition brings artworks from around the world to be judged for their execution and expression of the theme. ManneqART Madness is the event that brings together sculptures with hair and make-up artists who create the final presentation of the artwork for photography and judging for cash prizes. An Awards Gala highlights the competition and not only its winners but many of the entries, which usually number about 50. ManneqART Madness and the Gala are open to the public for a reasonable ticket price.


ManneqART is dedicated to engaging the community in this art form, so annually exhibits sculptures throughout the region for public enjoyment. 



Become a global catalyst for inspiring Sculpture on the Human Form.



ManneqART is an international arts and education non profit that inspires creativity, teaches problem solving skills, and rewards excellence in Sculpture on the Human Form.