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Next Steps

Applicants must pay an entry fee for each entry submitted to the ManneqART® Competition. Registration fee                                   includes one free copy of annual ManneqART Calendar.

Note:  To participate, payment must be made on line at manneqart.myshopify.com or by check made out to ManneqART® and mailed to ManneqART by the Application deadline.

              Mail to:  ManneqART Inc. ® / 9010 Maier Rd. Unit 104 Laurel, MD 20723 (USA)


March 30 – Early Bird deadline for application and payment            $35 (Student $20)


May 15 – Photos of artwork-in-progress due


May 15 – Final deadline for application and payment                      $50 (Student $30)


June 1 – Finished artwork due to ManneqART