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Lea Madison


Lea Madison


Plastic Bags, Cardboard Boxes, Newspaper, Acrylic Paint, Adhesives, Papier-Mache, Trash Bags.

Artist Statement

As a high school student, I wanted to create something that was tied to a subject I was passionate about, I set out to make a nature-themed dress that spoke about the current environmental climate. My entry is made from recycled materials like cardboard boxes, paper, newspapers, and plastic bags. These items plague our environment because of the sheer volume produced for cities and suburbs. I carefully pressed multiple plastic bags together with a hot iron, repeatedly layering them until the base of the artwork had the appearance of a dress. A couple extra bags were then glued to the base for a more flowing quality.


I created the bodice using papier-mâché and layering techniques. After an initial structure was created from the cardboard boxes, I applied wet paper to strengthen the overall structure and to add a more organic feel to the outside layer. Once the physical composition of the dress solidified, it was painted red and green to more realistically depict my favorite flower. A flower created from pollution represents the mantra I hold dear: “Nature finds a way.” In spite of the plastic and rubbish, with our help, the earth can begin to reclaim what was hers.

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