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Space Queen Headshots.png

space queen


Lilou Altman & Lee Andersen


Lillian Cisna


Laundry Vent Tubing, Placemats, Bridle Tubing, Aluminum Foil, Rhinestones, Fabric.

Artist Statement

Space Queen was created by taking spare pieces from both “Space Junkie” and “Oliver’s Army.”


Lee Andersen and I saw the extra pieces and decided to have a go and create a piece together. With our collective efforts, the artwork Space Queen was born.


The frilled neck piece is made from metal placemats that were twisted to form their new regal purpose. A tube from a laundry vent created her “necklace.” Bridal tubing and foil made up the rest of the outfit, finishing it off with a sparkling tutu.


Space Queen is made from all the junk floating around the earth. Born from the flash of a neutron star, she quickly adorned herself with the surrounding scrap metal and fashioned herself an outfit fit for royalty. Being the only life form in metal orbit, rather than notice the crippling loneliness of space, she saw an endless metal empire with herself as Queen. Luckily for us, she sees the earth as a necessary presence, as we give her junk ring some stability with our planet's gravitational pull. She’s suppressing her nature to command and conquer, but who knows when she’ll think of expanding her junk empire down to our little terra firma.

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