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Ragged Anxiety Monster Headshot.png

ragged anxiety monster


Liz Ayerle


William Vanderlinde


Yarn, Pom Poms, Crystals, Ribbon.

Artist Statement

The processes I used making Ragged Anxiety Monster are very similar to the ones I used with my Two-Faced Anxiety Monster last year. I carried on using repetitive techniques such as knotting and free form stitching. The base material for Ragged Anxiety Monster was a chunky and very loosely gathered crafting yarn. I shaped and gathered the loose fibers together with white thread and then added in the pom poms using this same technique, finally finishing the piece with a knotted skirt. This piece is made entirely of yarn and pom poms embellished with crystals and ribbon. It’s easy to put on and ties/ buttons up the back in a flourish of pink. 


I chose the title Ragged Anxiety Monster because the final product was soft and cuddly like a cloud or doll but the fibers continue to come loose and shed. Ragged also connotes friction or more specifically the friction that comes from continued use—like ragged nerves.

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