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2017 ManneqART Calendar


    Celebrate the 2017 ManneqART ManneqMADNESS Competition with this commemorative calendar!

    This amazing calendar brings you 12 months of Wearable Art, including the entries for the 2017 ManneqMADNESS Competition. Each of which reflect the themes of Ocean, Eco, Energy, and Aviation.

    The artistry of each ManneqART Sculpture is presented with beautiful high quality photographs, breathtaking detail shots, and full sized images page after page.

  • Supporting ManneqART

    Purchase of this Publication supports ManneqART, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, in its mission to Inspire Creativity and Reward Excellence in the Field of Wearable Art. Your support allows ManneqART to help create these artworks and showcase them in yearly publications.

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