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Olivers Army Headshot.png

oliver's army


Lilou Altman


Valerie Stanovich


Plastic Army Men, Adhesives, Glitter, Shrinky Dink Explosions, Rubber Aliens, Ribbons, Bra.

Artist Statement

Any parent can relate to the painful experience of stepping on plastic toys like army soldiers or Legos. Well, this mom had enough—so I decided to put my son’s toys to good use. I gathered all of his stray warriors and interplanetary creatures to assemble Oliver’s Army. My goal was to create a powerful assemblage with the strength to protect any child from bullies or homework!


Once all of the toys were collected, they were previously tethered to a bra using glue and ribbons. Trying to cover all of the bra while still retaining its shape proved more difficult than expected, and they couldn’t be placed without rhyme or reason. I knew there had to be some sort of organization in their placement. 

An important part of this piece’s conception was staying true to the idea that when the bra was shown at a certain angle, it would look like the  soldiers and other figures were standing tall  —ready to fight any foe. 

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