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Ladies Bug Headshot.png

Ladies bug


Elizabeth Du Toit & Sherry Kirn


Rachel Sabenorio


Yarn, Silk, Fishing Dubs, Felt, Wool, Hangers, Dyes, Crystals, Feathers, Fabric, Tinsel.

Artist Statement

Ladies Bug was born from two artists’ mutual love of needle felting.


We both had an abundance of Wool Batting in the colors we needed (black, red & white) and most importantly, lots of white curly wool for the hair. We ordered the ladies faces online. We dyed white silk red and felted black dots on it with dubs in the center, and felted white silk with red dots and dubs in the center. (Dubs are used to make fishing lures; they’re shiny and attract the fish.) Then we cut the felted silk into strips and sewed them on a black felted dress with silver accented black wool to create an organic “BUG” look.


We felted all of the ladies pins and attached them to the bodice’s front and back along with white feathers and silver streamers. We made the headpiece base from two wire yarn-covered coat hangers and then felted with the same black wool used on the dress. The headpiece has faces on both sides and is accented with flat back crystals, feathers, red balls and dangling crystals. The wristbands were made from “stolen” socks that came from Elizabeth's husband’s sock drawer.

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