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I know what bugs like


Cybele Pomeroy


Alaina Pomeroy


For my project, I used stuff I found around the house and glue: craft glue, hot glue, school glue and super-duper glue recommended by my super Glue Consultant and now you wish you had a Glue Consultant too.  I used wire and yarn and cloth and thread and sticks; finger puppets and feathers; silk flowers and Sharpie and paint; beads and duct tape because of course; cardboard and paper and printer ink, fake fruit and foam and plastic so much plastic, so many plastic bags, so very many many plastic bags we had to grocery shop before we could scoop the litter box this week  

I used a bra that belonged to my Mother twenty pounds ago, inadvertent cat hair, physics, a pin of Joan Jett, Patron Saint of ‘80s punk the trimmed hem of the bridesmaid gown my sister wore on my wedding day 


I used things rescued from the recycling bin and


the donation bag and two of the twelve and a half hula hoops in my house a tiny prize my progeny found in a ball of chalk when they were children a hundred years ago, swearing, purple rat-tail cord purchased in 1974, most of my husband’s patience and oh I almost forgot dryer lint


-Cybele Pomeroy 28 June 2019

Artist Statement

I’m a performance artist from Baltimore and decided to excavate a graveyard of half-finished artworks and costumes, homeless oddments and undesignated supplies. As my ManneqART-worthy pile grew, I noticed an insect theme - or rather, that my assets represented things that attract insects...and things that kill them.


 My love of puns emerged as bright yellow "fly" paper: lyrics by musical acts that my favorite man-fellow and I have danced to at concerts since 1984. My costuming background produced a soft-sculpture thorax aspiring to puppetry. One bit of the assemblage buzzes, if the kinetic operator wiggles a bit. An Emily Dickinson poem featuring both Death and a Fly clamored for inclusion. Cheeky!

"I Know What Bugs Like" references The Waitress' 1982 classic punk single, "I Know What Boys Like." At its heart, my piece is about dangerous allure. I consider "I Know What Bugs Like" more 'installation' than 'sculpture,' and was unsurprised to make visual art about music or to impose ‘80s Prom aesthetic on insects or that my materials list turned into poetry.

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