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Good for the Eyes Headshot.png

good on the eyes


Lilou Altman


Andrew Popiel-Boecker & Faith Sentz


Felt Carrots, Fabric, Acrylic Paint, A Bathing Suit Top, Fiber Leaves, Felt Pieces, Silk, Tulle.

Artist Statement

“Carrots, Carrots everywhere and not a single one can be eaten! Or can they?”


This bra was created from a combination of a love of carrots and my bad habit of shopping too much at bargain bins. I saw these felted carrots and completely fell in love with them. Once I brought them home, I realized that I could attach them to an old bathing suit top and have the base of a new ManneqART Bra! I hand stitched the carrots onto the top, then I crafted felt leaves to cover up the spots that the carrots wouldn’t. Acrylic paint was used to give the leaves a sense of depth and believability.


On photography, I paired my models in garments that matched the overall farm greens and yellows that the bra sported. These two bras performed a lot better than expected and really lent themselves to some “tongue in cheek” photographs as well as some chuckles from the audience, which is something that I always look for.

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