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Gingilli Headshot.png

gingilli queen


Angela DiCicco


Lillian Cisna & J'Pia Brickhouse-Isbell


Laundry Hamper, Crystals, Yarn, Pipe Cleaners, Ping Pong Balls, Ribbon, Mesh, Fabric, Rosary Beads.

Artist Statement

My Italian mother was the inspiration for this artwork. Gingilli means trinkets in Italian. My mom hated gingili - fringe, pompoms, and the like. She said they were dust collectors. But I always loved gingilli - things that sparkle, swing, and dance! My mom, Rose, passed away last year, and this piece is a tongue in cheek tribute to her. I chose blue yarn because it was my mom’s favorite color to work with, and she was an avid crochet enthusiast.

Crystals were used because Italian lamps often have crystals. They shine brightly and sound like wind chimes. I incorporated one of my Mom’s rosaries, and it was fun to work with the beads. I loved the idea of having eyes watching us from every direction. Mom used to tell me that she had eyes on the back of her head.


The headpiece was extravagant and fascinating for Queen Gingilli. My mother was so full of life that she would have laughed at the irony of this artwork!

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