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Flourish Blazer Headshot.png

flourish blazer


Liz Ayerle


Nadia Waters


A Blazer, Tulle, Feathers, Rhinestones, Acrylic, Fabric.

Artist Statement

This piece began when I decided to re-make some of my old clothing, giving new life to used garments. 

The base is a bright pink blazer that holds sentimental value and, like me, is plus-size. As a means of exploring the body positive movement’s relationship to fashion, I began by considering the blazer’s history in menswear and the way it is meant to shape and structure the female form. I exaggerated the pronounced shoulder using piping and quilting fabric while softening the overall shape with tulle and feathers. On the right side I used rhinestones and acrylic medium to mimic the shape of a breast while creating a hard, almost protective shell.

The word Flourish in the title is meant to suggest extravagance and a call for attention rather than the more conventional use of a blazer, which often suggests an attempt to blend in.  

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