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Cracked Mirror Headshot.png

cracked mirror


Katie Grammes


Brooke Miller


Fabric, Mylar, Copper, Glue, Lights, Paint.

Artist Statement

The original title was Miroir Fissure, which  means cracked mirror in French, to represent its delicate beauty.


This dress is made of mylar, fabrics, copper, and lights. We are always looking at ourselves, needing to be this grand piece. Only we see our imperfections as others see beauty. Life is like a cracked mirror; there is always a story and a reflection of who we are. These characters come alive in the world in which I build them. With these handcrafted creations, I intend to encompass the true essence of the art I envision. I want to help others escape into their imaginative minds to welcome endless possibilities of creative, limitless ideas. It might be the beauty of their dark side or the light, or even something in between. But I warn you. Time has, and will continue to, take a toll if we don’t take time to play. Come and dream with me.


Take a peek, and let your mind escape…

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