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Robert Reed


Nadia Waters


Vinyl, Hula Hoop, Yarn, Plastic Toss Rings, Pom Poms

Artist Statement

George Orwell’s novel 1984 was the inspiration of this piece. The book is a prophecy of a terrifying vision of life under a dictatorship and control even of thought and memory. Also influenced by reading The Hand Maids Tale by Margaret Atwood, I became very concerned about the future of the world we live in. I am also a David Bowie fan and was inspired by Masayoshi Sukita’s Ziggy Stardust clothes he designed. He passed away as I was working on this piece.


It was obvious to me to make it futuristic orange, which is my favorite color and unfortunately stained now by the only twice impeached former president that truly wanted to be Big Brother like the 1984 novel and constantly twisted the truth and badly influenced his followers. I truly thought we would be an autocratic society with the worst dictator to ever live. Luckily, he lost.


The piece is made from clear orange vinyl and sewn in circles as an abstract to Sukita’s design for Bowie. I found a sewing foot that would use yarn to do this. Continuing the circle theme I added pompoms I made to a half of a hula hoop. Children’s plastic toss loops were also added to the shoes. Hopefully we will not have the thought police portrayed in the novel.

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