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orlando (the bride)


Robert Reed


Rica Madrid


Yarn, Fabric, Thread, PVC Pipe, Jewels, Dye, Wedding Jacket, Ruffles

Artist Statement

Oscar Wilde is the groom of this pair and Orlando from the book by Virginia Woolf is the bride of this pair. The groom is made to fit a woman and the bride to be worn by a man. They were made for gender confusion because homosexuals were not allowed to marry much less be open in these authors’ time.


It all began due to the reaction I had when I saw the prison door displayed as art in the Tate Britain Art Museum. You could sense the coldness and despair given to such a great man as Oscar Wilde as he was sentenced to hard labor due to his sexuality and later died from this. 


Therefore, he also has a prison door ( made out of purple pvc pipe) that is between him and Orlando. I made Oscar very flamboyant with a jeweled codpiece and the many hats he had to wear symbolically just to live.Oscar was made from thigh high boots I dyed lavender and covered with appliqués and fishnets. The fishnets represent outspoken sexuality to me. I also covered a jock with imitation jewels to create a codpiece. The entire body is covered with a dyed body piece and he wears a dyed wedding jacket. I decorated and dyed different sized hats to complete the look with a purple mask that has a jeweled fake fur beard. The mask and dyed ruffles cover the identity of the person wearing it.

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