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orlando (the bride)


Robert Reed


Grant Myers


A Used Wedding Dress, Imitation Pearls, Fringe, Dye, Glitter, Melted Forks, Dog Collars, Foam Pool Noodle, Lavender Tulle

Artist Statement

Orlando, by Virginia Woolf is a novel of a nobleman that wakes up as a woman one day to his surprise. It is also a great movie portrayed by Tilda Swinton. Oscar and Orlando seemed to make a beautiful couple to me. They are both in lavender as this color has become a symbol of LGBTQ resistance.


Orlando was made from a used wedding dress that I dyed and added imitation pearls and fringe. I also added appliqués and made the top and sleeves from dyed doilies to give it a vintage look. The head dress is an upside down dyed wedding gown with added novelties. She also wears a mask and is made from glitter and melted forks with pearls added. Her top as well as sleeves are made from plastic lavender Elizabethan dog collars ( the ones used to prevent them from scratching their ears) as well as a foam pool tube that I covered in lavender tulle to make the fluff.

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