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Colorburst Headshot.png

Color burst


Angela Sriram


Nadia Waters


Needle and Thread, Felt Applique, Acrylic Paint, Tulle Netting, Doctor's Scrubs, Mirrors.

Artist Statement

My mother helped me to accept her blindness. A hush settles in my mind, when she says,” Describe the rainbow to me. I want to recall its many lovely colors.”


Her lack of sight elevated my vision of the world— challenging my conventional way of seeing. It also helped me to develop a significant vocabulary when describing colors and shapes. Along with texture, colors are the catalysts that support my existence in a difficult world. The circle appliqué represents the world and the colors are from my mother’s rainbow.


I named my piece Color Burst, Ruler of Planet Dot. I imagine her saying, “Our dots give birth to the earth’s rainbows. We’ve come down to earth because we’re disgruntled with the way earthlings are treating the planet. If they don’t get their act together, there will be no more rainbows.” I hope we heed her warning!

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