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Carapace Headshot.png



Liz Ayerle


Ann Hoover


A Hula Hoop, Fabric, Epoxy Resin, Pipe Cleaners, Spray Paint, Embroidery Threads.

Artist Statement

This piece started as a sketch. At the time, I was contemplating the ManneqArt themes of Alien and Insect as well as what the future will look like. I am always interested in the idea of mask as a way of both concealing and revealing different aspects of our identity. Carapace was born out of the idea of an insect’s protective shell. In many ways, this can be how we use clothing. It is a means of protecting ourselves and shaping others’ perceptions of us.


I began building this piece by cutting a hula hoop and shaping pipe cleaners to form the armature for the hard shelled hood. I then covered it with fabric and epoxy resin. The body of the work is made out of torn quilting fabrics layered and braided over one another to create the voluminous wing or petal-like shape. The mask is also made of pipe cleaners and then sewn with embroidery threads.

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