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alienlove bustiericon.jpg

Alien Love bustier


Liz Ayerle

Jasmine Wands



Fake Nails, Fake Fur, Glitter, Mesh, Acrylic Paint, Rhinestones, Resin, Nail Polish, Plastic, Metal, Fabric, Bathing Suit Tops, Tulle, Acrylic, Feathers

Artist Statement

Although these three pieces all speak very specifically to the world of women’s fashion, they were conceived as separates.


The Bag of Bones Clutch plays with the idea of mortality and was inspired on some level by traditions such as the Day of the Dead and the inclusion of skulls and decaying fruit in medieval and Renaissance Vanitas. The fake nails and rhinestones are encased in resin and nail polish. They speak to the way we use the artificial to mimic the natural, and the way we adorn ourselves to feel special and stand out in the crowd. The Alien love mask is more of the same, covered in fake nails, fake fur, acrylic paint and glitter.

The Second Skin Bustier was hand painted and adorned with rhinestones. For this work, I couldn’t help but think of the modern myth of the superhero or super human. I imagine this piece hanging in the wardrobe of an unknown superheroine. Maybe it is the outfit she wears for a night out on the town. It was made using a women's plus size blazer as the underlying infrastructure so it fits larger models well. I then deconstructed it, removing portions like the arms. I changed the shape using feathers, tulle, and acrylic mediums to stiffen and shape the lapels. 

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