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Sock Monster Headshot.png

sock monster


Lee Andersen


Peter Bachrach


A Hula Hoop, Socks, Felt, Fake Fur, Fabrics, Stuffing, A Pool Noodle.

Artist Statement

The only thing the Sock Monster loves more than socks is jokes. Especially, corny ones. He lives in the Symphony Woods in Columbia Maryland. The Sock Monster often roams around the annual FantasyWood Festival looking for anyone to tell him a joke and get him to laugh. It’s tough being a Sock Monster; a good joke is hard to come by. Being the last Sock Monster makes him grumpy but that’s just because he’s lonely and he has to look tough to keep the sock bandits away. But once you make him laugh, he’ll be tickled pink and show his gratitude to you by giving you one of the socks from his special collection.

He’s made of multiple fabrics and patterns, though his skin may be colorful and eye catching to us. In his native world, he blends in perfectly with the multicolored trees and the fuzzy cliffs he hunts on. He sports a big tummy pouch like the marsupials we have here. But instead of offspring, the Sock Monster keeps his precious socks stashed cozily in his pocket. Whether or not the collection is there for the incubation of offspring is yet to be discovered. 


Regardless, a Sock Monster sock is one of the rarest delicacies. They feel softer than any other fleece, have a robust smell, and go great with garlic and butter.

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