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ManneqART strives to “Inspire Creativity and Reward Excellence in the Field of Wearable Art.” We are committed to bringing wearable art to the attention of the American public. Through an annual international competition, ManneqART celebrates wearable art as “Sculpture on the Human Form.” 

The ManneqART Competition

The ManneqART Competition covers three distinct “sections” of wearable art design: Sculpture, Hair, and Makeup.


ManneqART offers its participants an opportunity to earn national recognition for their work. Through generous support from ManneqART Sponsors, Competition winners are rewarded with sizable monetary awards for their outstanding submissions.

An artist’s award pool of over $10,000 USD has been allocated for this year’s ManneqART competition.

We are committed to bringing wearable art to the attention of the American public – ManneqART offers free public entry to Competition events leading up to the Awards Gala (fundraiser).

For more information about ManneqART Competition events, check out the events tab at the top of the page.

Entering the Competition

Even if you have never created “wearable artwork” before, the ManneqART Competition might be the perfect challenge for you. Try adapting your current skills to take on this new challenge. No matter what it is you normally create, be quirky lampshades or metal sculptures… we want you to enter! The challenge is to create a wearable art sculpture that can be displayed on a mannequin and transferred to a live model. Construction quality, especially durability, is an important measure of success in the competition.

Step 1: Complete and Submit an Application Form

To enter the Competition, artists must complete and submit an application form. Applications can be submitted online or mailed to ManneqART. Applications mailed to ManneqART must be postmarked by the application deadline date.

Applicants must pay an entry fee for each piece submitted to the Competition. The early entry fee is $35 USD until April 28th. From April 28th until the deadline for entries (May 28th), the entry fee is $50 USD and $35 for students. The fee includes one free copy of the amazing ManneqART Publication.

ManneqART applicants are welcome to submit multiple entries to each year’s Competition. Please note that each submission requires its own application form and the appropriate application fee.

Please visit the application page for more information about the application process.

Finally, be sure to refer to ManneqART Artists’ Itinerary for a complete version of this year’s ManneqART Competition schedule, which includes all deadlines and relevant information for each special date.

Step 2: Plan and Create Your Work

Visit our General Rules & Tips page for ways to plan and visualize your creation.


You can always contact ManneqART with any questions or concerns. You are also welcome to request a one-on-one discussion about your work or portfolio. Take advantage of our knowledgeable jury early in the creative process to help guide you to an enthusiastic “yes!”

We want to see you succeed and win awards Our mission is to support artists and the arts.

Refer to the rules and guides to create your work according to Competition specifications.

Step 3: Submit Your Entry

You are welcome to ask us for help or guidance as you create your ManneqART artwork.  When you are finally finished and ready to submit your entry, package it up carefully and ship it to ManneqART, 9010 Maier Road, Unit 104, Laurel, MD 20723.  Be sure it is packed well and if its fragile, please mark the box “Fragile.” Artworks can not be returned after the Competition unless a return shipping label is provided.

In a few cases, we may purchase the artworks, in which case, the label will be destroyed so you are not billed for return shipping.  We also welcome and appreciate artwork donations which enables us to continue to display them at exhibitions, schools and other public venues. Talk with ManneqART staff if you are interested in donating your artwork.