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Judith Bird is a familiar face to the ManneqART creating pieces like "Tubular 11 Sophisticate" and "Chica Chica Boom Chic" in 2016 and "Imagined Africa" in 2017.


Judith is currently revisiting fabrics woven created in earlier times, my motive to

"use up” the rather large stock of handwoven silk and viscose fabrics left after I had changed courses over the years.

She is also revisiting warp pulled Shibori techniques she practiced in the1990’s, detailing them with more subtle and complex colors and designs.

After 30 years in Baltimore, Judith has returned to her birthplace in British Columbia. She makes a living from her textile work, as a production designer and now and artist only making one of a kind clothing.


Her current collection will be shown at the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery in August.

All photos in this Gallery were taken by Irvin Simon and Mychal Smith