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Meg Schaap creates art because she loves to surround herself with color, beauty, and style. She believes that she can create beauty through love and intention. Painting on canvas and sculpting on the human form has been a guide for her to be able to let go, take risks, and transform. Art has given her an outlet to be free and fearless. Her art is bright colored, bold, and full of spontaneity. The materials she uses are acrylic paints, vogue magazines, sequins, and gold leaf. Her goal is simply to provoke a feeling of joy and love for her work.


Meg Schaap was born in the Netherlands where she studied Art at the Academy Minerva in Groningen. In 2010, she graduated Magna cum Laude with a degree in Art at Florida Gulf coast University. She has private collections in the Netherlands, Belgium and throughout the United States.

You can view more of Meg's work on her website www.megschaap.com or follow her on instagram at margreet_s

All photos in this Gallery were taken by Mychal Smith