Mannequin Measurements

  1. Head Circumference 23in/58.5cm
  2. Bust 34in/86cm
  3. Waist 24in/66cm
  4. Hip 34in/91cm
  5. Shoulder Height 54in/153cm

  • Submissions will be presented on mannequins supplied by ManneqART.

  • Costume submissions cannot be made smaller than the standard ManneqART mannequin size, as defined in our Mannequin Measurements chart (right).

  • Costumes must accommodate a range of sizes by use of Velcro, hooks at multiple points along the garment, ties, etc…

  • Directions for wear must be submitted with garments when shipped. Photographs, diagrams, and instructions are encouraged.

  • Designs must be flexible enough to permit passage through doorways (roughly 30-40″, or 75-100cm) and up stairs.

  • Costumes Durability: Costumes must have a finished appearance (no visible tape, staples, dried glue, etc,), must be able to handle normal shipping and handling without damage, and must be able to withstand being put on and taken off live models and/or a human size mannequins 10 times without tearing, coming apart or other visible damage.

  • Garments have to be able to be “stepped into” and not go over the model’s head (to allow for the hair and makeup elements). Please create a 46″ (117cm) hole to step into (after closures have been undone).

  • It is recommended that your costume be flexible and durable enough to be danced in during the Awards Gala.


  • Elastic bands, shoulder straps, and other similar materials are useful for building support structures into costumes.
  • Consider constructing your costume to compress like an accordion, pleat, squash, or stretch out. These characteristics are important for a model’s mobility and will also come in handy for shipping your costume!
  • Garment closures must be strong and simple to operate. Ties, hooks, and Velcro® are good. We do not recommend zippers except as decorative elements.
  • Masks are considered costume elements.
  • Models will provide their own basic shoes, either flats or heels. If you would like to include a shoe covering, be sure it can be secured to the foot while still allowing for safe walking.
  • If your garment requires the use of a strapless bra, nude underwear etc., please specify. If there are any specific undergarments needed for the costume, please include them when shipping your design.
  • Please include lingerie straps or any other means of hanging your garment for proper storage. If it is too heavy for basic straps, please include another method of hanging.
  • We recommend trying your garment on an actual person before shipping. Keep in mind stress point on the costume and make sure to reinforce them. Try to keep the costume as balanced as possible to ensure the safety of our models.
  • Think outside the sewing box! Don’t be afraid to step beyond your comfort zone!
  • Try using non-traditional materials as repurposed costume supplies. Materials can go beyond intended purposes to breathe new life into your designs. Common household items to help get you started: hardware supplies, small electronics, recyclable materials, natural objects, etc.
  • Costumes need to be shipped or delivered to ManneqART for various Competition events. Try to incorporate features that will allow for simple delivery, transport, and reassembly of your sculptures. For example, you can devise ways to roll, squish, or disconnect parts on your costume(s). These measures will provide ease and convenience for future disassembly, shipping, and reassembly of your work as it is transported to various ManneqART display locations around USA in 2016. See the Shipping Information page to learn more.

Purchasing a Mannequin

If you would like to purchase your own mannequin or dress form, take a moment to browse through our selection of suggested products from these vendors.

Dress Forms (w/wheels)

Please note that ManneqART is not affiliated with any of these vendors.

These products match our size specifications, so you can use any one of these with assurance that your costume submission will adhere to our size requirements.