ManneqART/Maryland Fashion Institute (MDfin)
Education Advisory Committee Members 2018

Lee Andersen

  • President/ Designer, Andersen-Becker, Inc.
  • Founder, ManneqART, Inc., ManneqART Museum, and the MDfin School
  • Consultant, ManneqART/MDfin Education Advisory Committee

Sally Di Marco

  • Director of Education, MDfin
  • Co-Chair of the ManneqART/MDfin Education Advisory Committee
  • Former Fashion Design Program Coordinator/Professor, Stevenson
    University and Baltimore City Community College (BCCC)
  • Author, “Draping Basics,” Fairchild Books and Visuals

Katie Ellsworth

Patti Euler

  • Artist/Proprietor, The Queen’s Ink store
  • Director of Education, ManneqART
  • Co-Chair, ManneqART/MDfin Education Advisory Committee

Nicole Fall

Margaret Garland

Marissa Garza

Char Goodman Hansen

  • Freelance Sewing Instructor/Educator

Catherine Hariss

  • Fashion Design Program Head/teacher, Carroll County Career and
    Technology Center High School, Textile and Fashion Careers

Dawn Harrell

Tatiana Mullin

Maggie Schulz

  • Freelance Interior Designer

Erika Yuille

  • Liaison, Baltimore Chapter, American Sewing Guild
  • Former Fashion Design Technician and Studio Manager, Stevenson
  • Former Fashion Design Professor, Baltimore City Community College (BCCC)