2013 Award Winners

ManneqART Air Award

Bozenna and Lukasz Bogucki, California USA
Steel Swallow

blow-torched metal, mesh, cording, wire

ManneqART Audible Award

Rhonda Green, Alaska USA
Shake It Off

sheet metal, fishing tackle, LED lights — costume makes an audible jingle when worn

ManneqART Costume Award

Robert Reed, Hawaii USA

burned wedding dresses and silk flowers, jumper cables, chain, heart-shaped cage

ManneqART Cross Cultural Award

Sheryl Hannon, Queensland Australia
Warrior Princess

fabric, artificial hair, sequins — design on dress inspired by traditional New Zealand inconography

ManneqART Earth Award

Maddy Halback, Maryland USA
Upside Down Tree

papier mache, fabric, recycled plastic bags, wooden dowel

ManneqART Fire Award

Val Graham, Maryland USA

canvas, paint, sand, LED lights

ManneqART Humorous Award

Margarete Palz, Zweibrucken Germany
Lipstick Based on Limestone

large scale photographs sewn together with mesh

ManneqART Luminous Award

Melissa Webb, Maryland USA
In-Between I & II

collection of crochet pieces, LED lights, stilts

ManneqART Makeup Award

Shino Kakuta, California USA
Alien Shores

facial sculpture, foam, paint

ManneqART Recycle Award

Susanne Williams, North Dakota USA
Oil Spill

melted plastic bags, black coating

ManneqART Serious Award

Robert Reed, Hawaii USA
Nowhere to HIDE

astro turf, matchbax cars and tracks, faux fur, tree bark, feathers

ManneqART Water Award

Gina Tepper, Maryland USA

painted fabrics, bubble wrap, LED lights, recycled plastic

ACE Binding Award

Jan Johnson, Maryland USA
Seafoam Bride

iridescent fabric, bubble wrap, faux foliage, starfish

Block/Pyramid Atlantic Award

Grace Kubilius, Illinois USA
Coffee Filter Dress

dyed coffee filters

Block/Pyramid Atlantic Award

Carrie Meushaw, Maryland USA
Brown Paper Dress

folded sheets of paper

Blossoms of Hope Award

Donna McCullough, Maryland USA
Sweet Blossoms of Hope

riveted sheet metal, metal mesh, artificial flowers

Calico Cottage Award

Wilanda Timmons, Maryland USA
Sweet Blossoms of Hope

papier mache plates, tea cups, tea pot

Christine and George Bachrach Student Award – 1st Place

Michele Armstrong, Maryland USA
Lion Fish

translucent fabrics, bleach, jersey, plastic boning

Christine and George Bachrach Student Award – 2nd Place

Emily Schubert, Maryland USA

brocade fabric, papier mache mask, bird cages

Christine and George Bachrach Student Award – 3rd Place

Hana McAdam, Washington USA
Rolling Tides

dyed silk, found sea glass

Columbia Art Center Award – 1st Place

Ms. Hagerman’s Drawing for Fashion II Class, Southern High School, Maryland USA
Through the Storm

fabric mesh, duct tape, moss, branches

Columbia Art Center Award – 2nd Place

Patti Euler, Maryland USA
Rust and Roses

oxidizing paint, canvas, caution fencing, paper flowers

Columbia Art Center Award – 3rd Place

Paula Alban and Erin Draper, Maryland USA
Car Crash

car parts, card board, vinyl, paint

Howard Bank Award

Bozenna and Lukasz Bogucki, California USA
Steel Swallow

blow-torched metal, mesh, cording, wire

Imagine Artwear Award

Judith Bird, Washington USA
Slide Dress dot net

collection of slides, fabric, ribbon

John Mason Hair Award

Venus Long, District of Columbia USA

artificial hair, styrofoam infrastructure

John Mason Hair Award

Cashmerea Morris, District of Columbia USA
Lion Fish

artificial hair, porcupine quills

John Mason Hair Award

Constantina Duvall, District of Columbia USA
Ms. Smoggy Days

artificial hair, cardboard, faux plant life

Lee Andersen Makeup Award

Mia “Mama Mia” Leslie, Maryland USA
Body of Work

sequins, artificial flowers, fabric, gems

Nightmare Graphics Award

Susan Lenz, South Carolina USA
Button Dress

found buttons, fabric, thread

Nightmare Graphics Award

Rhea Montgomery-Walsh, Maryland USA

jersey, wire, papier mache

Renaissance Buttons Award

Judith Bird, Washington USA
Yellow Line dress for a dancer

deer fencing, ribbon, spandex unitard

Silk Safari Award

Kendra Lapolla, Ohio USA

fabric, ribbon, beading

Stylecrest Award

Mina Altman, Maryland USA
Mad Hatter Tea Party

soda can tabs, vinyl sheeting, magazines